Online video marketing: tips, trends & examples

In the current technological world we live in, a video can go viral in a matter of minutes if not seconds. But what baffles many people is how do they go viral in the first place?

Firstly lets look at the trends in 2016 so far with regard to online videos. Consumers watching behaviour has changed dramatically with people now willing to watch longer videos on their TVs, hand held devices and phones. So the perception that videos need to be quick and short is slowly changing! Mobile videos are also on the rise as well as viewing videos through hand held devices such as ipads and tablets and this is primarily down to the increase in the size of the screens on these devices.

Younger consumers are also pushing expansion in the the online marketing world. However, as more and more older people join social media networks, the number of older people watching traditional media such as television has dropped. This shows that companies can target a wide ranging audience through online videos.

The perfect example of how on line videos can be successful would be the Old Spice online video! Old Spice is a brand and product which many of us would recognise. However, we would generally associate it with an older generation. In the hopes of accessing a younger audience Old Spice had to undergo a serious re branding and change up in their marketing techniques and what they came up with proved to be extremely successful!

The campaign went viral and sales increased dramatically all thanks to a simple online video!

Now you’re probably wondering how can i make my video viral. Well wonder no more as i have some tips that will (hopefully) make your video viral! The most common tip would be to target as many forms of online media you can find and from Facebook and Twitter to Youtube and Reddit the options are endless. Also aim to upload your video at the start of the week as many people will be accessing social media at work and its the perfect time to hit your target market.